House Rules

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Our House Rules

  • The work carried out in the repair cafĂ© is performed free of charge on a voluntary basis by the repair experts on hand. Voluntary donations are greatly appreciated.
  • Users must complete a registration form for each item. All information provided will be treated with complete confidence and never passed to a third party.
  • Users must remain with the repairer while the repair is being carried out in order to see how it is done and may be asked to help.
  • Repairers are free to refuse to repair items. If the repair requires materials or a part that is not available, the user will be provided with details of how to get it themselves and will be shown how to fit it or can return for this. They may be asked to pay for any in-house items that need to be used.
  • If the repair requires more time than practicable, the user and repairer may come to their own arrangement if they mutually agree. They must exchange contact details. If the item is taken off site during this process, TRC insurance does not apply.
  • If the item cannot be fixed, the repairer is not required to reassemble the item. The user must tidily remove everything.
  • To keep waiting times low during busy periods, only one item per person will be accepted. Users may join the back of the queue for a second repair if there is time left.
  • TRC and its repair experts are not liable for losses of any kind that result from their activities. They offer no guarantee for the repairs carried out and are not liable if an item turns out not to work properly at home or breaks down later. Users must accept responsibility for their repaired item(s) on leaving.

PLEASE NOTE: TRC will do its utmost to ensure safe working, but some repair processes may be hazardous. Users are responsible for their own welfare and are particularly asked to ensure any children accompanying them are kept safe.